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Won Ton: A Cat Tale Told in Haiku

Do You… Haiku?

Thare is a new book I’d like to rekummend to all literate cats who enjoy poetry. It is written by Won Ton, a cat that’s stuck in a shelter but gits adopted by a boy and his famly. Won Ton seems like a tuff cat, but underneath his tuff exterior is a kitteh who is [...]


Flying Cat is Grounded after Power Pole Adventure

Hey everybuddy, Skeezix heer. Today I red a story about a tabby who had a brief fling as a flying cat. I don’t know about you, but I LOVE flying. Evry nite, Mr TF throws me a million miles up in the air and I land on the peeple bed. It is THRILLING. Evry time [...]


Mandy Moore talks to mousebreath!

I had the opportunity to interview Mandy Moore this week. She’s a rabid animal lover, and has a mischievous pair of long-haired orange “pound kitties,” Vincent and Theo (as well as a pair of dogs). Mandy was promoting Pet Armor as part of a partnership with the ASPCA to promote good health and wellness practices [...]

mousebreath! is under construction.

Pardon Our Dust!!!

mousebreath! is a lifestyle magazine by cats, for cats, kittens and their owners. We officially open our doors on May 1st, but are letting special visitors in early. Pardon our dust, and feel free to poke around. If you have bookmarked, you might automagically have been redirected to mousebreath!. However, if you received The [...]


Feline Michael Phelps Dog Paddles to Governor’s Island

A castaway cat used one of her lives to swim safely to shore on Governors Island (NYC) last weekend. The feline floater, her fur matted and caked with seaweed, was discovered Sunday night by security guards on the remote island’s north shore, a spokeswoman said. “The assumption is that she came over by water,” said [...]


Cathy Dailey is up to Her Eyeballs in Cat Butts

New Jersey artist Cathy Dailey lives in Princeton with her husband and two cute cats, Sonny and Zuki, who constantly amuse and inspire her. Dailey loves animals and enjoys creating images that depict the similarities between cats and humans by incorporating humor and purrsonality into her images. Her medium of choice is colored pencil and [...]


WooHoo! Cat Skins for your iPhone!!!

If it’s pink and has a kitty on it, you know mousebreath! will be all over it. In this case, we’re talking about iPhone 3G cases in three charming kitty designs. Their polycarbonite case will keep your phone safe while turning your cat-lovin’ friends green with envy! With Mother’s Day coming up, this might be [...]

Former Stray Cat Saves Woman’s Life

Nitza Derfner was used to her cat, Mentchi, sneaking under the covers after she went to bed at night. By morning, the 1 ½-year-old cat would move to Derfner’s chest and shoulders, sleeping quietly until her owner woke up. On Wednesday morning, Mentchi went straight for Derfner’s head, and it saved the San Jose woman’s [...]


New Simon’s Cat Video!

Yo, kittehs! Our idol and mentor, Simon’s Cat, is back at it again, and this time he’s after the Easter bunny! In a reader? Click here to watch Simon’s Cat and the Easter Bunny. Share mousebreath!:FacebookStumbleUpon Share mousebreath! Hide Sites $$(‘div.d197′).each( function(e) { e.visualEffect(‘slide_up’,{duration:0.5}) });

USB Powered cat heater

Cat Heater Keeps One Hand Toasty While You Type

This is the one for the SRSLY? department. It’s a hand heater shaped like a cat. It keeps one hand warm while you type with the other. Just plug it into your computer’s USB port and stick your paw into Kitty’s mouth. Voila! Warm paw. Not surprisingly, it’s made in Japan. It’ll run you about [...]

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