Catio Plans Now Available from Catio Showcase


When Spring is in the air, indoor cats dream of being outdoors. If you’ve haven’t been able to harness-train your cat successfully, you might be wishing there were a way to help Fluffy share your outdoor time with you.

A catio could be the answer. A catio is a screened-in structure outside of your house designed for your cat’s enjoyment.

Even if you don’t have the room outside your house to do it, window-mounted catios the size of large file boxes can provide a snug “observatory” from which your cat can snoopervise.

If you’ve been wanting to build your own catio, but don’t know where to start, there’s a new Catio Design Guide available to help you get it done. The guide includes 10 complete plans for building outdoor cat enclosures in a variety of styles and sizes. Each plan comes with detailed instructions and diagrams, a tools and materials list, and 3D color architectural drawings. Choose the perfect plan to suit your outdoor space.

Get more information about the Catio Design Guide over at Catio Showcase.

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