Cathy Dailey is up to Her Eyeballs in Cat Butts


New Jersey artist Cathy Dailey lives in Princeton with her husband and two cute cats, Sonny and Zuki, who constantly amuse and inspire her. Dailey loves animals and enjoys creating images that depict the similarities between cats and humans by incorporating humor and purrsonality into her images.

Her medium of choice is colored pencil and her rich, vibrant colors define the faces of cats in the throes of a full range of human emotion and mood, be it stressed out, worried, or just plain goofy.

Cathy says, “I love animals and enjoy creating images that depict the similarities between us and them by incorporating humor and almost human facial expressions.”
You can find Cathy’s work in her Kitty Butt Shop on Etsy (she offers originals, prints and cards), Facebook and Flickr. Click here for her Kittybutt blog.

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