Meowvelous Movies: Kitten Playing with Rat

January 22, 2013 |

I have a reely good moovey to rekummend this week. It’s a kitten playing with a rat. Obviussly, this kitteh has not been tawt not to play with her noms, wich is good cuz it makes fur an amyoozing moovey. It’s got a lot of akshun, too, with the rat running arownd in circles. And suspense: thare’s this part ware it looks like the rat is gonna nom the kitteh.

Anyway, chek it owt. It’s werth watching about eleventy times.

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Maobert Ebert is an esteemed feline movie critic with nearly a dozen movie reviews under his byline. He's an iPad addict who watches dozens of youtube videos every night to bring cats the very finest in feline fare each week.

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