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April 9, 2013 |

mousebreathinterviewIn the last year or so, Mom has been telling a story. I got to interview Zari A who appears in her new book Whisper Bound.  Zari A, who is not really a cat, but an alien that looks like a cat, is often called Zari. She is the real brains behind everything, well everything in the story that needs brains. You can read more about her here.

Ichiro: Tell me about yourself and why you are a cat.

Zari A: Ichiro, my people study life on other planets. When we’ve learned as much as we can, we then immerse ourselves in the culture to learn even more about the world. There are several of us here impersonating various species, any one of whom showed the intelligence and the potential ability to be the top species on the planet. A couple of colleagues are dolphins because of their innate natural intelligence.  A couple choose humans because they don’t listen to anyone. I choose the cat because cats are the ones even humans serve. 

Ichiro: So do you get a prize for like choosing the top species and the others didn’t?

Zari A: Actually it appears that humans do all the talking and those back on my planet will probably want to talk to the humans rather than cats.

Ichiro: But we’re like the top species.

Zari A: I know. Don’t think I’ll be saying I was wrong.

Ichiro: When do you go back?

Zari A: I have another sixteen years before I have to go back. During that time I’ll be here.

Ichiro: You choose the body of an Abyssinian, much like my friends at the Poupounette. In fact, you look a lot like Bibi-Chan. Why did you chose that cat and not a Siamese?

Zari A: Well, I didn’t want anyone to confuse me with Chey because you know we try not to be noticed. However, I still needed to be absolutely stunning and so I chose the Abby.

Ichiro: You are much nicer than Chey.

Zari A: Thank you. And you are such a handsome cat.

Ichiro (blushes) Umm.. Will you be in other books? And will you be more important?

Zari A: I was mostly introduced in this one so I didn’t have a lot to do, but you’ll see as the series goes on that I am eager to help out more and more. And in book four, which should be out next year sometime, if all goes well (and you realize your person needs to finish editing, publish and create a cover for two more books before then) you will actually learn a lot about me. In fact, I’m almost the focus and I save the world.

Ichiro: Really?

Zari A: Sort of. At least Seattle. 

Ichiro: Well I’m glad that Seattle didn’t like get destroyed. I might have gone with it.

Zari A: That would have been bad.

Ichiro: Who should read these books?

Zari A: As you can tell, I’m a cat but not really. And we have earth spirits in the books and in future books there are shape changers and aliens and even a vampire, although don’t get all excited because he’s not really a nice vampire. And we have gods and goddesses who turn up from time to time. And magic. Which means that anyone who wants normal should avoid this. The books are listed under contemporary fantasy as Whisper isn’t exactly an urban center, being rather small town, so it’s not exactly urban fantasy. And they are sort of mysteries and sort of suspense.  

Ichiro: You don’t worry that Mom will kill you off do you?

Zari A: Did you see her start to sweat at the very mention? Are you really worried that she could even come close to killing me off? You think Rain worries about me? Do you think she’d have given me to Rain, my human, if she didn’t know that Rain wouldn’t let anything happen to me. In fact, don’t you think she’d kill off all the other main characters in the book before me?

Ichiro: Well that’s a relief. So no cats will ever be in danger in this book?

Zari A: Not on the page. I mean some were in a little danger from the earth spirit in this book but they were all smart enough to run inside or up the mountain and hide when it was angry. And you notice they all live.

Ichiro: That’s good. I can read about humans dying but not cats.

Zari A: I know what you mean…

We would like to thank Bibi-Chan at the Poupounette and his #1 for letting us use a photo of him to create what Zari A might look like. You didn’t really think Mom sat down and drew that did you? 




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  1. We has added the book to our want to read list. The Mom loves fantasy and what could be better then a fantasy book with cats in it.

    Although we has to admit Zari A isn’t the first alien that choose to live as a cat. Our beloved Whiskers was from the planet Whiskeria and is the Supreme Ruler of the Universe or so says eldest boy bean.

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