Litter One: Eco Friendly Six Week Litter Solution + $5 Off Coupon

August 13, 2013 |

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I recently got the opportunity to try out a Litter One litter box solution. This eco-friendly option is a wholly self-contained unit that uses pine litter pellets and lasts 4-6 weeks. 

I initially scoffed at the idea that a litter box could last six weeks before the litter needed to be replaced.  And, I wasn’t sold on pine litter. The last time I tried a pine-based litter it reeked like Pine-Sol. I hate perfume-y litter, so was skeptical that Litter One would last more than a week in my house. I was surprised that the Litter One pellets had almost no odor, save for a barely perceptible “fresh” smell. But would it hold up to cat waste?

Litter One has a patented system that works like this: the pellets turn to sawdust when pee hits them and the sawdust falls to the bottom and sifts through a perforated “false floor” filter into a separate compartment. 

This effectively makes scooping cat pee a thing of the past.  It also keeps your cat from stepping on soiled litter. High built-in sides keep everything contained. The result? A cleaner home and a happier cat.

You dispose of poops as usual. There’s a handy handle on the side where poop bags are stored for use. 

Did it last the six weeks? Amazingly (and this is a three-cat household), it did. Even allowing for a ramp-up period as the cats acclimated to a new box, it got a workout yet never reeked of cat waste. I was surprised that pee never seeped through the outer container.  

This is a great option for eco-conscious cat owners as well as those looking for disposable litter box options. Litter One uses post-consumer materials and pine pellets that come from sustainable forest pine sources like the Forest Stewardship Council.  

Being a “green” cat owner is a difficult job, and the choices are not always straightforward. Ultimately, the cat decides. After all, if the cat won’t use a particular kind of litter or litter box configuration, the best intentions are for naught. All three of my boys were very happy with this solution, and hubby gave it a big thumbs up. (No hubby didn’t utilize it himself, but appreciated the fact that it didn’t reek like a  litter box.)



And for a limited time, you can get $5 off through this Mousebreath coupon code. Just enter your order here and enter coupon code KN12571.


THE FINE PRINT: Litter-One provided a Litter-One unit for review purposes. 


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