Uomogatto Uomocaverne

[ 1 ] August 28, 2013 |


Today we go to Italy to see a see thru mancat mancave with little gattos on the side.


And it has a kitty kutowt on the side:


And thare’s a hole on the top so you can stak em high and klime frum one into anuther:


See? All stacked:


 Theeze are vary kewl, rite? They are made by Qcha in Italy. I dunno how much they cost or much abowt them cuz the site is in Eyetalian. 

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Fred lives in Illinois with his sister, Ethel, and unfortunately, with a yappy dog named Caesar. Fred doesn't have a blog, but if he did, he'd write about his obsession: Mancat Mancaves. He's Mousebreath's Mancat Mancave expurrt.

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  1. Sue Brandes says:

    Those are so cute.

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