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This week we are very pleased to bring you an interview with a kitty fairly new to blogging.  She’s sweet, she’s funny, and she speaks her mind.  We’re talking about the lovely tuxedo Miss Loulou from the Living With Loulou blog.

Funny Farmer Felines: Would you introduce yourself and your family?

Loulou: My name is Loulou, which is French for cute kitty with bangs, and my mama and papa are American/Texan/Francophile/Italophile anthros who love me all to bits.

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Funny Farmer Felines: We came across an older post with a dog. Is there a dog named “Bad, Bad Dog” living there?

Loulou: Are you out of your mind? A DOG?? If there were, it would be one of those little things you can put in your pocket, a teacup chihuahua maybe, so when it bugs me I could just put it in a windbreaker and zip up the opening.

Funny Farmer Felines: We are always glad to meet blogging kitties from other countries.  You live in France. Tell us a little about where you live.

Loulou: I live in such a place, full of sun and a catnip patch where I can space out during the day when I’m stressed. I also live in Rome, part of the time, but there is no garden there and that’s stressful in itself. Mama travels with catnip so that I have something to scratch in in the apartment. There’s a kitty down in the street who belongs to the restaurant, Il Buco, and she is QUEEN of the block. Her name is Lupa, after the Wolf of Rome, who was male but what the heck.  She’s pretty nifty and mama did a drawing of her for the restaurant but we do NOT mingle. It’s her town, honey, and I stay out of her way. Her pic is on one of my blogs.

Funny Farmer Felines:  You mentioned in a post you would likely be traveling between France and Rome, Italy. this past summer. Vacation?

Loulou: Hey, it’s no vacation for me, rocking on a ferry boat and hoping not to throw up as I did once on mama’s chest in the middle of the night. But I got over that and now I know not to eat anything before sailing. It’s getting my land paws back after the trip that’s hard. I wobble for days. We go from Barcelona to Civitavecchia and then in the car to Rome – 45 minutes. I’m a dream in a car and behave really well but once they let me out to pee (on a leash) at an abandoned gas station on the autostrada and darned if there wasn’t a GERMAN SHEPHERD guarding the place!! Holey tamale, I held my pee until we got home, but I scared the bejezel out of that doggie.

Funny Farmer Felines:  How did you all come to live together?

Loulou: Mama saw me lurking and she put out some kibble far away from the door to the house. I ate it and split. Then I came a bit closer and ate the next day and then she put the kibble in the kitchen and in I went. She seemed so nice and spoke softly and I said, Hey, this can’t be all bad and the street’s not for me, educated and elegant kitty that I am, and so I stayed. But I had to learn how to play, because no one had played with me. I had no collar, and my teeth needed work but they took me to get shots and they “fixed” my botched “fixed” job and then they fixed my little teeth and now I’m fine, but I don’t have a lot of teeth, unfortunately. I’m wondering if there are kitty implants?

Funny Farmer Felines:  What kind of mischief do you like to get into?

Loulou: Oy, I cut up pretty well when they play The String Game. I chase a long string on the big bed under a comforter and behind pillows and wherever mama pulls it and hides it and I am HILARIOUS when I turn flips and pounce and do my neck a funny way, sort of pulling it into my body and looking fierce, but I’m not at all. Also when I sleep, have a dream and leap straight in the air, waking myself and everyone else up in a huge panic. But they cuddle me and I’m okay then. They hide their laughs sometimes because they don’t want me to feel bad.

Funny Farmer Felines: What do you consider to be the theme of your blog?  Oh, and perhaps you could explain what you mean by”anthro world.”

Loulou: An anthro is a human in my book. Anthro means human or with human characteristics and so I call my family ‘anthros’ and their world is an ‘anthro world’. But it’s all Greek to me. haha!

The theme of my blog is whatever comes into my little pea brain when I wake up. I just hop up on the desk and play kitty on the keys until mama says I have to get down or it’s time to eat or go outside, but I like to blog about love and family and politics and human endeavors and gay rights and ethics and animal rights and how anthros could be kinder to one another and make the world a better place for us all. That sort of thing. So really there is no theme, just LIFE. I’m a sort of philosophical kitty and just want everyone to be peaceful and good to each other. A big order but….I’m awful good to my mama and papa and so maybe it’ll come round.

Funny Farmer Felines:  Do you have any plans for your blog?

Loulou: Yes, a book through Amazon called Living With Loulou, so we’ll see.

Funny Farmer Felines: You opened your blog in March of this year. Are you enjoying blogging?

Loulou: YES, I LOVE BLOGGING! I’ve made such nice friends through my blog- – Mungo and Gerry (rest his soul) and Binky and Lena and Lupa….you name it.  There are so many kitties (and doggies- – I hate to say it) whom I have met through blogging. More to come….

Funny Farmer Felines: We enjoyed getting to know Loulou.  How could we not enjoy meeting one who writes such pearls as, “All those depressed people out there muttering about a dog’s life this and a dog’s life that are right about dogs. But my life as a kitty is just about the most perfect life any cat could have …”

If you have not been by to meet Loulou yet, you can find her pawtapping the computer keys at her blog Living With Loulou.

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  1. Thanks for this interview! It was nice to learn a little more about Loulou! I discovered her bloggie recently and enjoy reading it!

  2. mariodacat says:

    What a character and it was so much fun meeting Loulou. She’s a cutie too.

  3. loved learning how a French kitty lives! Thanks for the interview

  4. Kitties Blue says:

    Another great interview. We’re going to drop in on Luolou and meet her in person. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  5. Sparkle says:

    How nice to meet LouLou! She sounds like a very nice kitty!

  6. Everycat says:

    Oh Loulou, you are all famous now! I hope you will still speak to me and The Ape hehe


  7. I was very FUN to meet and read the interview with LouLou !
    I shall go over at once and visit her bloggie :)

  8. Mistletoeandhitch says:

    We look forward to checking out LouLou’s blog. Who says kitties can’t travel!?!

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