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Save up to 75% on RX Drugs with PetCare RX Drug Plan

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When I was at BarkWorld, I was lucky enough to be the guest of dinner with Jonathan Shapiro, the CEO of PetCareRx. He was also a keynote speaker at BarkWorld, speaking about Healthonomics, the state of pet health with respect to soaring veterinary costs. Jonathan was justifiably excited about a new service offered by PetCareRx, the Prescription Plus drug plan.

Advances in veterinary medicine over the last 50 years have resulted in most pets leading happier, healthier lives. But that comes at a cost. Routine tests and procedures drive the cost of each vet visit up (we don’t seem to be able to get out of the office now for less than $500). If your pet needs chemotherapy or ongoing meds — insulin, for example — it can be a significant expense that’s difficult for some cat owners to assume. A year’s worth of diabetes treatment, including medication and prescription food, can cost $2,700*, and a year’s worth of drugs for a cat with cancer can top $3,000. If you’re out of work or on a fixed income, you’ll have to sacrifice a lot to get your cat the care she needs.

For all of us, our cats’ health is a priority. In PetCareRx’s recent Pet Healthonomics survey of hundreds of pet parents, 82 percent agreed they “would consider paying almost any amount of money to keep my pet healthy.”

While pet insurance can help with many health-related expenses, particularly the big ticket fees from surgery, insurance won’t cover all necessary medications or treatments. This new prescription card for pets can help bridge the gap between rising fees and your desire to safeguard your pet’s health.

Pet Prescription Card

The Protection Plus card is a prescription discount card for pets that provides pet owners with the lowest possible cost for medications and preventative treatments, similar to the way in which Prescription Cards for people work. The Protection Plus card also reduces the cost of vet visits, vaccinations, and kennel visits, and can even reduce the cost of surgeries. Protection Plus keeps everyday, routine expenses as low as possible, and can also help with emergency expenses when needed. And, unlike pet insurance, Protection Plus can be purchased anytime, including after a diagnosis.

  • Savings up to 75% on pet medication, vet bills and vaccinations
  • All dogs and cats are covered with no exclusions for pre-existing conditions
  • Convenient pick up at over 60,000 local pharmacies or FREE shipping

How Protection Plus Works

For a monthly or annual fee (as low as $9.99/mo), you get the lowest costs on medications and preventative treatments available. Orders can be placed online or by phone, and then medications can be shipped to your home or office, or picked up at a nearby drug store like CVS or Walgreens.

It even covers preventative treatments for things like fleas, ticks, and vaccination boosters.

Can I use it instead of Pet Health Insurance?

Both pet insurance and a prescription card like Protection Plus will help when it comes to vet visits and the costs of vaccinations. In many ways, though, pet health insurance and Protection Plus cover different aspects of your pet’s health and work in different ways. Some of the differences between the two coverage plans:

Yearly Preventative Treatments: Each year, your pet will need flea, tick, and heartworm preventatives. This is covered under Protection Plus, but is an out-of-pocket expense if you have pet insurance.Filing Claims: With pet insurance, generally you need to pay upfront for treatment, file a claim, and then wait for reimbursement. With Protection Plus, you do not need to file any claims.Who’s Covered: Like insurance for people, pet insurance companies need to cover healthy participants in order to offset the expenses of the sick members, and coverage needs to be in place prior to diagnosis. Generally speaking, pets who are diagnosed with chronic diseases or are over a certain age will not be eligible for pet insurance. With Protection Plus, pets can receive the benefits regardless of age or health.

What’s Covered: Virtually every pet med available is covered.

Medication: Protection Plus helps you find the cheapest prices for medications, and then allows you to conveniently pick them up or get them delivered — in general, pet insurance does not cover medication costs.

Is a Protection Plus Prescription Drug Plan Right for You?

If your cat needs ongoing medication, absolutely. You need to sign up today. A year’s worth of diabetes treatment, including medication and prescription food, can cost $2,700*, and a year’s worth of drugs for a cat with cancer can top $3,000**.

I’ve always been ambiguous about pet health insurance because  1) exclusions for pre-existing conditions and many procedures, 2) you have to pay up front and hope you get reimbursed, and 3) it’s prohibitively expensive for cats over the age of 12. But the Prescription Plus drug plan has no exclusions and the only thing you have to pay up front is the monthly/annual fee. And, you can pick it up at your local people pharmacy. If your cat needs meds, it’s a no-brainer.


You can find out more about Protection Plus from PetCareRx and see if it’s right option for you and your cat.



THE FINE PRINT: PetCareRx bought me dinner, but with no expectation of a review or mention of the service. I will admit it was a very good dinner. I had the Ahi Tuna and a cocktail or two.

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