Mousebreath has a loyal following of passionate cat lovers, most of whom are females between 30 and 65 years old. We are happy to discuss traffic numbers with serious potential advertisers and sponsors.

Karen Nichols, Managing Editor for MousebreathMousebreath’s Managing Editor, Karen Nichols, has nearly 18 years of experience in the Internet industry and has blogged professionally since 2004. She created the popular “Cat’s Meow” blog for Catster, which she edited for 2-1/2 years. As a recognized expert in social media and search engine optimization, she has helped Mousebreath achieve early success and traffic. Her skills as a writer and editor — combined with the efforts of a staff of 12 writers — has earned Mousebreath a loyal following of engaged readers.

Nichols is also a noted web designer, and recently won Best Blog Design at the 2012 BlogPaws Nose-to-Nose awards. Mousebreath was a finalist in the Best New Blog category.

Karen is a respected influencer in the Pet Industry and she works closely with major brands and PR companies to propagate their marketing messages through social media, which in turn provides Mousebreath with the opportunity to give its readers a heads-up on new products and services.

Advertising on Mousebreath will help you reach a passionate group of cat lovers eager to spend any amount of money to keep their cats purring.

We will display any of the IAB standard ad sizes. In addition, we can provide the creative for no extra charge on ads larger than 250X125.

Here is a sample of our rates. For a complete rate sheet, contact us using the form below.

Rate Schedule

Rates quoted below are for one month periods. Buy 6 months, get one month free. Creative provided free of charge.

Header Ads

Leaderboard package: $200: Includes a 728X90 leaderboard ad at top of page, 125X125 sidebar ad, one 468X60 ad below each post and one paid post/product review.

468X60 banner ad in header: $100

Above the Fold (beneath search box):

$75 for a 250X250 ad tile

Below the Fold:

$25 for a 125X125 ad tile
$35 for a 250X125 ad tile
$50 for a 250X250 ad tile

Additional Opportunities

Mousebreath Media is frequently involved in bleeding-edge social media projects for which we seek sponsors. Please contact Mousebreath on the form below if you’d like to participate.

We are also seeking sponsors to send Mousebreath to the following events:

  • BlogPaws
  • BarkWorld
  • BlogWorld
  • SXSW
  • Cat Writer’s Association Conference

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