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SEO Bootcamp - images are SEO gold

We’re nearly at the end of our SEO Bootcamp for Cat Bloggers, and today we’re veering away from discussing the text in your posts, and show you how images can be a SEO goldmine for you. Image (vs. text) searches have been uptrending, and there are five reasons that images are a SEO goldmine and  [ Read More ]

keep it relevant for best seo

SEO relevance has come up as we’ve discussed keywords and phrases, internal and external links, and focusing your content. Today we’ll talk about SEO relevance in more depth, but not in the way you might expect…. SEO experts spend a lot of time evaluating the ratio of keywords to content. As a rule, your content  [ Read More ]

Cat Bloggers' Lounge

When bloggers discuss SEO, the focus tends to be on keywords (we discussed where to stash SEO keywords on Day 1 or our SEO Bootcamp). But jamming your content, titles and every nook and cranny with as many keywords and key phrases as possible won’t necessary get you ranked higher on Search Engine Results Pages  [ Read More ]

Cat Bloggers' Lounge

This week in The Cat Bloggers’ Lounge, Mousebreath is shedding light on SEO in terms any cat blogger can understand. On Day 1 we discussed all of the places within your post to stash relevant keywords to improve SEO. Yesterday we covered whether external links undermine your SEO efforts. Today we’ll cover what may be  [ Read More ]

Cat Bloggers' Lounge

This week in the Cat Bloggers’ Lounge, we’re showering you with tips on improving your Search Engine Optimization results. Yesterday we covered key words and all of the unexploited places you can stash them. Today’s topic is external links. It’s a greatly misunderstood topic. Back in the day, when hypertext links were new, websites linked  [ Read More ]

Cat Bloggers' Lounge

This week in the Cat Bloggers’ Lounge, we’re going to shower you with tips on improving your Search Engine Optimization techniques. What is SEO? Here’s the official definition of SEO (via Wikipedia): Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via the  [ Read More ]

Disco and Brighton at BlogPaws. Photo by Brad Smith.

Disco and Brighton (above) are giving their stroller a tune-up in anticipation of attending BlogPaws at the end of August! Cats and cat lovers across the country are gearing up for THE pet blogging event of the year! The BlogPaws sessions were announced today, and as anticipated, it’s chock full of programs you and your  [ Read More ]

SEO Tips for Cat Bloggers

Your blog’s images can provide a goldmine of opportunity for increased traffic and better organic search results. Organic search results are defined as the results from a search engine query exclusive of any paid search results (which usually appear atop and to the right of paid search results.) Many bloggers give little thought to images.  [ Read More ]

WordPress or Blogger?

Posted by mousebreath! 4 Comments

Those who are new to blogging inevitably ask, “Which is better, WordPress or Blogger?” It depends. Blogger is the easiest of the two platforms to use. You can be up and running in a couple of minutes. WordPress offers the most flexibility and functionally and is the more robust of the two platforms. In fact,  [ Read More ]

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